Focus and Scope

This journal publishes research articles on education science that are interesting and have an impact on the development of education and cultural studies. The journal publishes articles on interdisciplinary content and cross-field dimensions related to education from various cultural perspectives.

The journal includes, but is not limited to the following fields:

  • Education Method, Approach, and Model
  • Education Technology Innovation
  • Learning Innovation
  • E-Learning
  • Character Education and Multicultural Education
  • Distance Learning or Oppen Learning
  • Training Innovation
  • Teaching Innovation
  • Techniques, institutions, and systems of power
  • Formations of resistance, activism, and intervention
  • The history, politics, and philosophy of media/technology
  • Feminist, gender, and sexuality studies
  • Theories and practices of globalization
  • The histories and long-term effects of colonialism
  • Race theory and ethnic studies
  • The cultural politics of language/communication/keywords
  • Science, technology, and environmental studies
  • Cultural traditions and creative industries
  • The histories and definitions of the word “culture”
  • The histories, politics, and global formations of cultural studies